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Kimon Georgiou is a Gastronomist, a man that has dedicated his life to the culture and history of food. He has taken 3000 flights, spending almost his entire life travelling to known and unknown places, in search of the History, Anthropology and Sociology of Gastronomy. His long journeys have also lead him to places where trends, truths and needs of food are revealed.  


Kimon was born in Corinth, Greece, in 1964. He studied Mathematics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and continued his postgraduate studies in the UK, attaining his Master degree in Business Administration.


In 1995 he decided to follow his impulse and dedicated himself to Gastronomy. 


Over the last 22 years Kimon has worked with some of the most important organizations around the Globe, undertaking various challenges in the research of Gastronomy, its strategic management and information systems.


Kimon is also a chef and ran his own TV cooking show for four years. He has participated in more than 500 events and given lectures and organized workshops all over the world.


He is an Author on Gastronomy; he has published 5 books and has written articles for various magazines. The style of his writing is historical with intense philosophical and poetic approaches. His words echo the basic principles of his philosophy on “a Gastronomy without nationality”; that is, ‘free mind’, ‘reengineering of techniques & methods’, ‘continuous creativity’ and ‘equal opportunities’. 


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