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Strategic management in Gastronomy
A.Evaluating the capabilities
   of an organisation on Gastronomy 
b.Strategic Analysis, Food Hall, Paris     
c. the main strategies in gastronomy     



Gastronomy is not an academic subject, nor the kind of education that ends at University level. Further, it is not the type of business in which Strategic Management is not required. On the contrary, Kimon believes that every single organisation that focuses on the Gastronomy and Food sectors, should be able to develop the necessary tools to apply Strategic Management. Organisations can be built on vast knowledge and expertise on Gastronomy, however, success does not happen without the right Strategic guidance. You see, it is not only the ship but also the skilful sailing that makes a voyage long and successful. 
Some of his work is presented below. To find out what Kimon Georgiou can do with your organization at the Strategic level let him show you how. 

Kimon Georgiou has worked with various organisations in the Food and Gastronomy sector and has gained a high level of expertise in designing, formulating and implementing a number of different strategies, such as: 

  • Mass Market Strategy

  • Defensive Marketing Strategy

  • Turnaround Strategy

  • Differentiation Strategy

  • Focus Strategy

  • Growth Strategy

  • Conceptualisation Strategy

  • Repositioning Strategy 

  • Hybrid Strategy

  • Exit Strategy

Kimon Georgiou uses his own strategic tools to analyse the environment and design the right strategies. This is one of the many Matrices Kimon uses. 

Strategic Management in Gastronomy is the process of building internal and external competencies, expertise and business wisdom that allow an organisation to: 

  • Create value for its people and clients

  • Elevate its status in the society

  • Sustain a leading position in the marketplace. 

Strategic Management involves many different parts of the business, whereby the main ones are the following:

  • setting business and operational objectives, most of them related to Gastronomy; 

  • analysing the environment, the level of Gastronomy of the country an organisation operates in and the competence level of the competitors 

  • analysing the organisation, examining the depth of knowledge and expertise an organisation brings to the Gastronomy sector 

  • rolling out related to Gastronomy strategies.

Strategic Management in Gastronomy is not a simple process. In his efforts to frame the right way of analysing the internal and external environments, Kimon has drawn a number of Matrices.

Kimon is happy to share his knowledge on Strategic Management with the management teams of organisations that work in the Food and Gastronomy sectors. He has developed all the tools needed to formulate strategies and to implement decisions. 

To find out what Kimon Georgiou can do with your organisation at the Strategic Level contact him. 

Some of his ideas on tools used to formulate and execute strategies are presented here: 

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