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Kimon believes that there's no more significant goal than to help others realize their potential. That's why he has dedicated his life to what he does best: reveal the secrets of Gastronomy and inspire people to follow the exciting route of this wonderful 'study, art and science'. In his long journey Kimon developed a comprehensive ideology that embraces both, Gastronomy and Life.



Gastronomy does not have any nationality.


Gastronomy is a form of art, as well as a study and a science.

To be successful in Gastronomy we should forget
the place we were born:

To do Gastronomy we should take a long journey through time, history and culture and learn continuously. Once wise enough, we should return to the place we were born and enjoy the food we used to love. 

We are all equal in Gastronomy:

The theory of equal opportunities: Regardless of the place we were born, the names of our parents, our gender, the colour of our skin, or the shape of our eyes, we are all equal in Gastronomy and only our passion to serve Gastronomy can define the size of the opportunity we deserve. 

Gastronomy is written neither by the conqueror,
nor the defeated:

Gastronomy is written by man, his needs and feelings, his tears and laughs, his despairs and hopes, his journeys and memories. 



Personal growth leads to the organisation’s growth
Mastering the art of discovering experience

Take journeys, not travels. Eat with the poorest on Earth and the richest in the World. Go through the contradictions and find the answers. 

Expand your business and personal circles - race, class and gender

Open your mind by being with people whose race, class, gender and belief are far from yours.

Question procedures - go from B back to A

Do not just simply take a different route from A to B. While being at B, demolish any bridges to A, then invent a new way to arrive from B to A. 

Make each tomorrow a masterpiece:

At every ‘end of the day’ evaluate your day, learn from the things you did wrong and improve on the things you did right. Then do not just plan ‘tomorrow’, but master it. 

In our lives we meet people twice

The better we treat people in the first place the more we deserve in the second.

I never sell, I only attempt to create the appetite for people to buy

Celebrate wins, learn from defeats

In life there are moments we win and there are moments we learn from our defeats. When we win we should celebrate, when we lose we should learn. 


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