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This book refers to the Anthropology and Anthropogeography of Gastronomy.

Nuova Gastronomia
the Marvellous Voyage to Taste

In Greek language 


This book refers to a new fusion cuisine based on the unparallel routes of the Anatolian, Nomadic and Bedouin cuisines.

From the endless steppes to the Parisian boulevards

In Greek language 


This book refers to the foundation and the development of the new Avantgarde Cyprus Cuisine. Co author with Alphachefs.

The new Cyprus Gastronomy

This book is written in a form of a ‘vade mecan’ and its purpose is to increase the sales of Cheese counters, frame expertise in information systems and help the top management of an organization to formulate and implement  strategies on the Cheese Sector.

History, Techniques and Strategic Management



Kimon is an Author on Gastronomy, he has published 5 books and has written articles for various magazines. The style of his writing is historical with intense

philosophical and poetic approaches. His words echo the basic principles of his

philosophy on “a Gastronomy without nationality”, that is, ‘free mind’,

‘reengineering of techniques & methods’, ‘continuous creativity’ and ‘equal opportunities’.


His books cover different areas of Gastronomy such as, history, sociology, anthropology, selling methods, cooking recipes and in-depth knowledge on food strategic management principles. 

In Greek language 


This book is written in a form of a ‘vade mecun’ and its purpose is to increase the expertise of people working in Bakeries. Co author with Andreas Gregoriou.

History & Techniques

In Greek language 


In Greek language 

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