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A.Definition of Gastronomy (2014)
c.The 10 pillars Theory on Gastronomy (2009)

The study, art and science that deals with food, its culture and history, either when man eats to survive or dines for pleasure, health, status or any social reasons.

Kimon Georgiou

Cooking is a part of Gastronomy, it does not necessarily applies to a chef. 

Gastronomy deals with the following sciences and arts to the same extend it deals with cooking: 

Anthropology, Sociology, Anthropogeography, Geography, Philosophy, History, Chemistry, Biology; it even goes as far as Painting, Cinematography, Styling and Photography, as well as Information Systems, Information Technology and Strategic Management.

b.To become great in Gastronomy you need (2009)
f.The Theory of Price vs Value in Gastronomy (2013)

The level of competence a place or a country develops in Gastronomy is directly related to the extent the following five ‘Macro’ have been integrated

1. Micro Terroir

2. Micro Climate

3. Micro Societies

4. Micro Economics

5. Micro Sciences

E.The 4 Pillars Theory in Cuisines (2008)

Each Cuisine can be analysed as a structure consisting of three levels:

a. Its foundation is made by 4 single pillars 

b. Its first level is made by the elaboration techniques 

c. Its second level is made by the production techniques

Eg: The Italian Cuisine 

a. The 4 pillars are: Olive Oil, Flour, Cheese, Charcuterie 

b. The elaboration techniques eg preserving in Olive Oil, or preserving in

     Vinegar, preparing herbs in recipes like arrabbiata etc 


c.The production techniques eg Lievito Madre technique, Sofritto, Risotto

    technique etc  

Over the last 22 years Kimon Georgiou developed numerous theories on Gastronomy. Some of them have been around for centuries, not as theories but as studies that have been empirically proven. Some other, newer, theories have become laws over the last decades, not just principles, but laws that work at any moment, without any question as to where they are applied.
Few of his theories are presented here. Should you like to learn more on Kimon’s theories contact him


  • To share knowledge

  • Have a desire

  • Maintain liberty of mind

  • Take risks

  • Travel with open mind

  • Forget your nationality

  • Have respect and ethics

  • Be humble and human 

  • Forget the destination, enjoy the journey 

d.The 5 MICRO Theory in Gastronomy (2016) 
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